About Us

Doctor Peh Associates Pte Ltd was formed with the intention of healing the academic ailments of our participants. Medical doctors we definitely are not, nor are we professors with PhDs in tow. Yet, as a top notch educational “doctor”, our company prides itself on catering to a wide range of individuals, solving the personal and academic problems they face step by step. By focusing on the development of critical reasoning and integral life skills, Doctor Peh Associates has not only nurtured several top successes, but also enabled several formerly under-performing individuals to realize their full potential.


Our participants’ parents include doctors, lawyers, senior management, a Harvard doctorate and a Cambridge degree holder. They have chosen us because they want the best of their children.





  • Year of 2003 and Year of 2005 Prime Minister’s Book Prize Winners

  • Our PSLE Top Scores – 279 (Pei Hwa), 277 (Nanyang), 278 (Kong Hwa) and 282 (Nanyang)

  • New South Wales Maths and Science Competition (High Distinction with Medal Top 1%)

  • Year 2001 – 2016 GEP Students (Top 1%)





Education Background


• B.Sc, University of Toronto ( Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

– One of the top universities in Canada (Established in 1827)

• M.Sc, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ( Troy, New York, U.S.A.)

– The first technological university established in the English-speaking world offering a degree in Engineering and Science (Established in 1824)

• MBA, University of Warwick ( Conventry, England, U.K)

– Ranked as one of the best MBA schools in U.K by the University Fund Council (UFC)